At LSF Capital, we believe in the dream of achieving financial independence in retirement and are committed to partnering with our clients to make that dream a reality. As a holistic, independent financial advisory, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve the security in retirement they deserve. We understand the hard work and dedication it takes to build your wealth over a lifetime, and we want to help ensure that your financial journey is dependable and worry-free.

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Managing Partner

With over three decades of business experience and financial services knowledge, Len has guided numerous seniors as they navigate through the many options for retirement. He presents strategies for principal protection and income accumulation while mitigating risk. Len has recently published his new book “Way of the Financial Warrior” Where he takes the lessons he has learned as a sixth-degree black belt and applied those principles in a simple, fun and easy-to-understand layman’s terms.  Len is also a former student of the University of Alabama, where he graduated with honors.

Len firmly believes in treating clients as family: always with the utmost honesty and integrity.

Len is the co-author of “The Power of Leadership; Being the Leader Producing Results.” He has collaborated with Mr. Tom Hegna who hosts the PBS Special “Don’t Worry, Retire Happy” and “Pay Checks and Play Checks”. Also, Len is an author of over 20 published articles and has made several radio and TV appearances on personal empowerment and financial freedom. Len continues to be an approved member of the National Ethics Association, National Social Security Association, National Association of Professional Agents, Better Business Bureau and National Association of Financial Fiduciaries.

Len is the Radio host of, “Let’s Talk Safe Money” airing in Miami WIOD 610 AM on Saturdays and Sundays. Len is also cohost of a TV show called “Let’s Talk Safe Money” airing on NBC on Sundays. His program is educational and discusses how to have a Holistic approach to your retirement strategies. Ensuring a portion of your retirement money is SAFE and the remainder is managed tactically with minimal risk.

Len was recently honored with an esteemed invitation to become an “Invited Author” and contributing author in Think Advisor.

Len resides in Parkland Fl. With his new Spanish Queen Carolina Rivas.

Len has authored two recent articles: one on reducing risk in uncertain markets click here and another about the advantage of annuities in bear markets click here to read his articles and learn more.

Len has authored two recent articles: one on reducing risk in uncertain markets click here and another about the advantage of annuities in bear markets click here to read his articles and learn more. Hear Len discuss protecting retirement assets with the right investment strategy here.


Managing Partner

With over 34 years in the financial services industry, Art specializes in challenging traditional industry thinking. Art works closely with his clients in an effort to develop successful and tax efficient strategies. Many of Art’s clients seek strategies relating to increasing their retirement income, reducing, or possibly eliminating their tax burden, protecting their retirement assets from market volatility, and maximizing Social Security benefits.
Over the years Art has provided tax advantaged retirement planning to executives at a number of Fortune 500 Companies, including Cisco, Georgia Pacific, UPS, and Citrix.
Art started his career in 1990 with Mass Mutual Financial. In 1997, Art joined Prudential Securities as a Financial Advisor at their Aventura Florida offices. He was registered in the Securities industry from 1991 to 2017 where he obtained the Series 63, 66 and Series 7 General Securities. He successfully completed the Life Insurance Training Counsel in 1994 and achieved the LUTCF designation.
As an independent insurance broker, Art is able to provide products offered by most of the largest and top-rated companies in the industry. By not being tied to one company, he can seek out the best opportunities based on each client’s unique situation. Art presently heads the retirement planning team at LSF Capital where he is known on radio and tv as the financial master chef.
Art & Len co-host their weekly one-hour radio show called “Let’s Talk Safe Money” on WIOD 610 AM radio show aired in Miami / Fort Lauderdale on Saturdays and Sundays where they enjoy educating the public on cutting-edge retirement planning concepts.
Art recently collaborated with Martin Ruby and wrote the Preface on a new book “The No- Compromise Retirement Plan.”
Art has lived in Fort Lauderdale since 1990 and has been married to his wife Jeanne since 1969 and has three children and two grandchildren.


VP of Financial Services,
Financial Advisor

Eric has been in the financial services industry for over six years and has worked with hundreds of clients creating financial plans centering around peace of mind and longevity. Eric supports a long-term balanced approach focusing on aligning the client’s portfolio with their unique goals and risk tolerance.
Eric firmly believes financial planning should be an extremely personal process and always catered towards each individual specifically. As a result, he always seeks to develop strong and personal relationships with his clients. Eric joined LSF Capital because of this belief. He feels that he is in the perfect place where he can offer the best advice while serving his clients with a family office feel.
As a native of South Florida, Eric loves to spend time outdoors and being on the water. He is a sports and fitness enthusiast and an avid skier. He has a passion for travel and is always looking for the next adventure or hiking trip. Eric graduated from Florida State University in 2015 with degrees in Finance & Real Estate. He also holds an Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor certification as well as FINRA Series 66 and 7 licenses and State of Florida Life, Health and Annuities. He is currently working towards his Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification


Financial Advisor

Matthew is a dedicated Financial Advisor with three years of experience specializing in comprehensive financial planning using insurance and investment strategies. He skillfully guides clients through retirement complexities, offering strategic income planning, growth asset allocation, and tax-advantaged solutions tailored to each client’s unique goals and circumstances.
Matthew has always been drawn to the financial services industry. He earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from Florida State University, and has recently added his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® certification to this list of professional accomplishments.
Recognized for his commitment to professional excellence, Matthew was featured in Lake & Sumter County STYLE Magazine’s 40 Under 40 issue in 2023. His client-centered approach draws inspiration from his mother, a kindergarten teacher. He learned early on the importance of clear communication, especially when explaining complex financial concepts, to instill confidence in clients’ decisions. Matthew’s decision to join LSF Capital stemmed from the team’s holistic approach to financial planning and valuing diverse perspectives to provide personalized attention to each client’s needs.
Outside of work, Matthew enjoys family time, fishing, and spending time in nature, especially out on the water. He aspires to make a positive impact on his clients and community, while pursuing personal and professional growth.


Financial Advisor

Alfredo is a trilingual results-driven business developer and financial expert with over 15 years of experience specializing in wealth management, fiduciary services, fiscal strategies, fundraising, investments, complex corporate structures, insurance and risk management. He has an economics degree and a minor in German from the University of Virginia as well as a dual MBA from Universidad Francisco Marroquin and Tulane University.
Alfredo has helped hundreds of clients with diverse backgrounds and particular needs achieve their financial goals. He is a team leader who establishes goals and excels in developing relationships and identifying new business opportunities. Alfredo joined LSF Capital in 2024 to serve the Miami market and help more people reach their financial goals.
Alfredo has traveled extensively around the world and lived in Germany, Ecuador, Guatemala and the US during his career. This multinational perspective benefits our clients, and Alfredo is always eager to learn about other cultures. In his free time Alfredo enjoys fishing, reading and cooking.

Jarod Solomon

Insurance Sales & Tax Planning

Jarod is currently gaining valuable experience as an intern servicing agent for LSF Capital. He is grateful for the opportunity that the team has given him to learn firsthand the inner workings of a financial services company. He is a dedicated student at Florida State University, pursuing a degree in Finance and expecting to graduate in May 2025. Alongside his academic pursuits, Jarod is actively working towards obtaining his Series 65 License to further his career in finance with the hopes to continue as a financial advisor with LSF Capital. Jarod believes that financial planning is an invaluable tool that empowers individuals to secure their financial futures and achieve their life goals. He has witnessed firsthand the impact of effective financial strategies on people’s lives. Jarod is passionate about helping others navigate financial complexities, offering insights and solutions tailored to their unique needs.

In his free time, Jarod finds relaxation and joy in outdoor activities. Growing up in South Florida, Jarod has developed a passion for spending time on the water, fishing, and playing golf. Additionally, he loves spending time with family and friends.

Driven by a passion for learning and personal growth, Jarod is eager to explore the diverse opportunities within the finance industry. He approaches each experience with enthusiasm and determination, aiming to make a positive impact wherever he goes.

Karey Hensley Rebello, CPA, CFP®

Insurance Sales & Tax Planning

Karey received her BS in Accounting from the University of South Florida in 1991 and became a Florida CPA in 1993. Karey earned her Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation in 2006. She formed Hensley CPA Firm PA in 1996 in Naples, FL where she developed a highly successful practice with several hundred clients. She opened another CPA Firm in Frisco, TX, in 2011 and currently oversees both her Florida, and Texas, CPA offices.


Karey is a consummate professional whose accomplishments include: real estate investing, speaker for the European Business Network, Intuit Pro Advisor Certified Specialist, Crown Financial Ministry Leader; and member of the Texas Society of CPA’s, Frisco Chamber, and former member of the Advisory Board of Hodges University. She has also appeared on Fox News as a Tax Analyst.


In 2017 she joined the co-founders of LS Financial Group to provide outstanding retirement planning for all of her clients. Karey has extensive experience assisting individuals and small business clients in various areas and enjoys helping clients accomplish their business & life goals. Her patient nature and mild manner reassures clients & keeps them focused. However, she also enjoys advocating for her clients and will do endless research to support taxpayer’s positions & challenge IRS positions. Karey and her three children lives in Little Elm, TX.

The Fusion of a Sensei and a Financial Master Chef

Len Strickler and Art Athanas have joined forces to create a unique and exceptional experience for our clients with the evolution of our Financial service firm to the newly revamped LSF Capital. This is a fusion that is truly extraordinary. By combining our unique skill sets and perspectives, we bring a new level of creativity and agility to the world of financial services.

A Brief History from LS Financial Group to our Revamped LSF Capital:

After many years of combined experience—Len with over 40 years in the Sales and Marketing world for fortune 50 companies, and Art with 34 years in the Financial advising world—we formed LS Financial Group in 2016. In 2019, we partnered with Magellan Financial to produce our trademarked Radio and TV shows “Let’s Talk Safe Money.” In 2023, Len wrote his second book “Way of The Financial Warrior” 5 Financial self-defense moves, which you can find here. In the same year, we established our registered investment advisory firm, LSF Capital.
In 2024, we welcomed three new young sharp Financial Advisors, one with the esteemed designation CFP. Also in 2024, we appointed a new Director of Finance in Miami to open up the Spanish Market. Additionally, we now have two Directors of Client Relations, one in Ft Lauderdale and one in Miami.
Finally, our recently formed registered investment advisory firm, LSF Capital, marks just a few of our achievements along the way. Each step has been meticulously crafted to ensure we deliver the highest standard of service. We understand that financial success is not a one-size-fits-all approach. That is why we take the time to truly understand our clients’ needs and aspirations, offering a holistic approach tailored to meet your specific needs.
Welcome to our newly revamped service firm, LSF Capital. Our team is ready to serve you on your financial retirement journey.


At LSF Capital, we want to help make your retirement years stress-free. As a fiercely independent financial advisory, we work diligently to provide the most impact to our client’s unique needs by offering personalized, holistic financial plans focusing on comprehensive investment methods and risk management. We strive to provide honest, transparent guidance so that you can rest easy knowing that your future journey in retirement is well-planned and secure. Our team of professionals has the insight and expertise to design a plan that fits your unique lifestyle.


At LSF Capital, We are driven to minimize the stress of your finances in retirement so that you can live freely. That’s why we use a variety of zero floor products and investment strategies to help preserve your hard-earned assets while growing them for the future. As fiduciaries, we want to help you find your way to an independent, carefree future with retirement planning,

Our Retirement
Roadmap Process


Discovery Meeting

Address your financial goals and concerns by reviewing your current:
Income Plan
Investment Plan
Tax Plan
Healthcare Plan
Legacy Plan


Mutual Commitment Meeting

Analysis of current portfolio:
Risk Analysis
Cost Analysis
Income Analysis
Social Security Analysis
Annuity Analyzer


Take action meeting

Details of constructing your retirement income plan:
Income plan
Investment Plan
Tax Plan
Healthcare Plan
Legacy Plan

Our Process

Our Process encompasses total wealth management for select individuals. Our process organizes and coordinates your legal, financial, and asset protection planning. Rather than just accumulating a “junk drawer” of financial and legal documents over time with no meaningful analysis of how each affects the others. It’s all is about coordination, simplification, and focus on the purpose – your purpose! Simply put, it’s is about addressing your concerns and driving toward your goals to design and help you achieve your retirement objectives.


Looking for: An answer to how much market risk is in your nest egg.

STRATEGY: Run your portfolio through multiple analysis including: cost, risk, income, social security, and annuity analysis.


Looking for: A strategy to help ensure you don’t outlive your income.

STRATEGY: Create a formal, tangible, and written retirement income plan.


Looking for: Asset allocation and diversification in investment strategy

STRATEGY: Properly diversifying your holdings using the “3 Worlds of Money Strategy” (Protection, Market, Steady Income).


Looking for: A strategy to reduce your tax liability.

STRATEGY: Implement tax strategies to reduce your tax liability.


Looking for: Underfunded healthcare expense needs including Medicare and Long-Term Care.

STRATEGY: Implement a healthcare strategy so that expenses associated with healthcare do not erode your nest egg.


Looking for: Estate cracks and/or help creating a a family legacy plan or wealth conversion.

STRATEGY: Fix and update documents with an attorney and implement insurance products to reduce your tax liability and maximize your legacy.


You come out with objectives addressed and greater clarity, and confidence in your retirement income planning strategy.






Saturdays and Sundays at 2:00 PM