It’s Not The Amount You Save For Retirement, It’s The Amount You Keep.

If you’re like many Americans, you’ve planned for your retirement with tax-deferred IRAs and 401(k)s, trusting that tax rates will stay on cruise control. Unfortunately, they won’t. Right now, the U.S. government is spending more than it collects and it’s increasing with Social Security and Medicare spending. In 2016, the national debt was $19.258 trillion. The whole system may be unsustainable at current tax rates. As always, any shortfall will come out of taxpayer dollars-including taxes on your retirement money.

Introducing The Zero Tax Roadmap

The Zero Tax Roadmap is a step-by-step asset shifting guide that can help you get full mileage from your assets, while minimizing risk, under the current tax code. You’ll learn to take charge of your retirement savings through tools like a private pension plan, Index Universal Life Insurance, Roth IRA’s, and modifications to overall investment planning. We use precise calculations to gradually re-position your taxable, tax deferred, and tax-free savings to help bring you as close to a Zero Tax retirement as we can possibly achieve. Even if taxes double but you’ve followed our Roadmap, the amount you get won’t change.

An alternate route to traditional retirement planning.

The Zero Tax Roadmap can help you be confident about your retirement savings strategies. You may be able to safely recover misdirected assets and reallocate them to a plan designed to help maximize growth potential, while minimizing risk and increasing the amount you receive in retirement.
At LS Financial Group, we put nearly 100 combined years of financial services industry expertise to work for you. We partner with some of the largest most respected financial companies in the world, with the goal of making a positive impact on your retirement income.

How Much Retirement Savings Is Enough?

It’s a question we hear a lot. It’s not the amount of financial assets you accumulate for retirement, it’s how much you get to keep. Think of your retirement distributions as a full tank of gas: Do you want inflation and taxes to guzzle all your financial assets away? And what if there’s a major market downturn or unexpected health expenses? At LS Financial Group, we want you to have more than enough funds to help fuel a fulfilling retirement. We can teach you how to become your own “banker” and borrow money from yourself with absolutely no interest. And through indexing, you’ll lock in yearly gains while minimizing risk.

Repositioning Assets To Maximize Retirement Income

Our Zero Tax strategy is designed to provide a tax-free income in retirement. Our Roadmap – a plan using specialized tools and customized investment vehicles with the goal of paying Zero Tax in Retirement is individually prepared and customized.
We find that in many cases a properly chosen investment strategy, matched to the specific needs of the client, can maximize income while substantially reducing the risk of financial disaster resulting from exposure to market risk. In all cases we aim to maximize our client’s advantages under the current tax code.
In all cases we aim to maximize our client’s advantages under the current tax code.
In short, we believe we have the ideal retirement savings vehicle. And our Zero Tax Roadmap can get you where you want to be. Safe Way
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Take Your Zero Tax Roadmap For A Spin

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